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Jan - Mar 2021



Questionnaire development in a Knowledge, Attitude and Practice survey

Sunu Alice Cherian1, Nisha Kurian2

Prevalence of precancerous lesions and conditions among age group below 40 years

Vinod Mathew Mulamoottil1, Greeshma Joy2, Benley George3, Sheryl Kuriakose4, Anil Kurian5

Orbital Floor Reconstruction Using Autogenous Mandibular Symphysis Bone Graft – A Prospective Clinical Study

Eapen Thomas1, K. George Varghese2, Akhilesh Prathap3, Arathi S Mohan4, Jaseena AK5

Bioactive Glass (Bag) in Restorative Dentistry

Sheena S Raj1, Emil George2, Baby James3, Minimol K Johny4, A Devadathan5, Shilpa6, Swathi Sasankan7

An introduction to Critical Appraisal of Case Reports

Subbalekshmi T1, Akhilesh Prathap2

CD-45 and CD-20 as diagnostic markers in Intraoral Large B cell -Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - A review

Sharlene Sara Babu1, S. Sunil2, Arjun Parameswar3, Akhilesh Prathap4, Anuna Laila Mathew5

Periodontal Microsurgery

Prabha Kadakampallil John1, Thomas George .V2, Annie Kitty George3

An unusual Presentation of peripheral ossifying fibroma- A Case Report

Anju Mathew1, Lisa Elizabeth Jacob2, Tibin K Baby3, Omal PM4, Anuna Laila Mathew5

Management of Complicated Crown Root Fracture: A Multi Disciplinary Approach

Emil George1, A Devadathan2, Baby James3, Minimol K Johny4, Sheena S Raj5, Aparna Aartathi Sreekumar6, Renjini T R7

Oral squamous cell carcinoma in an extraction socket - A diagnostic enigma

Tibin K. Baby MDS1, Sunil S2, VineshUdayakumar3

Apr - Jun 2021

IJADSR Vol1 Issue2

Editorial 2

Retrospective study in partial and complete edentulousness in age group 5-15years

Vinod Mathew Mulamoottil1, JeenaUmmer N2, Jacob John3, Sheryl Kuriakose4, Anil Kurian5

Incidence and Predisposing Factors of Dry Socket - A Prospective Clinical Study

Eapen Thomas1, George Varghese2, Shali S3

How to critically evaluate a scientific paper in Journal Club?

Benley George1, Rino Roopak Soman2, Minimol K Johny3

Retrobulbar hemorrhage and its management- Review of literature.

Nithin Pratap MDS1, Ravi Rajan MDS2, Indu G. BDS3

A Guide to Choosing Between Screw Retained and Cement Retained Fixed Implant Prosthesis

Arimboor Maymol Francis1, Aby Mathew T2, Suja Joseph3 Annie Susan Thomas4, Riya Achu Mathew5

Applications of Tissue Engineering in Bone Regeneration

G Meenu1, Nebu George Thomas2, Thomas George V.3, Sherin P. Johny4

Lefort 1 Osteotomy- An Overview

Ravi Rajan1, Eapen Thomas2, Akhilesh Prathap3, Vinesh Udayakumar4, Nithin Pratap5

Preservation for Prevention

Ashwin Joseph1, Elizabeth Joseph2

Non-Healing Extraction Wound – A Case Report

K.George Varghese1, Nidhin Raj2

Gummy Smile correction with BOTOX® Cosmetic – A case report

Vinesh Udayakumar1, Vinod Mulamoottil2, JaganLonappan3

Prosthodontic Management of Oro-Antral Fistula Using an Obturator – A Case Report

Pranathi Rajesh1, Annie Susan Thomas2, Aby Mathew T3, Suja Joseph4, Gopika Sali5, Melwin Anna Abraham6

Jul - Sep 2021
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Oct - Dec 2021
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